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Fat Randy appreciation post!

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♫ he’s got the whole world in his hands, he’s got the whole world in his hands ♫

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 (…) Edge’s chemistry with Lita was just off the charts; she was that - if there was such a thing as a missing ingredient to Edge’s character, she was it. That was a perfect example of a valet; just adding dimension upon dimension on to Edge’s character, and also adding heat to it as well.

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Happy 30th Birthday, Brad Maddox (Tyler Kluttz - May 4th, 1984)

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A very very very happy birthday, John! 

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A very very happy birthday, John!

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Hot and you know it.

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IRL Randy Orton is adorable,don’t deny it

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john distracting randy by doing nothing…


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Believe in Evolution

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  WWE Superstars join the WWE Universe in memory of Warrior. [x]

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